Disposal Of Waste Using Sensors And Internet Of Things

  • Prabavathi.S et al.


In recent days, the most important environmental concern is solid waste management. It is one of
the major problem that the world faces irrespective of developed or developing country. A clean
environment and human health is very important. The main issue of this waste management is the
garbage gets overflowed in public places before the next cleaning process. Due to this many toxic
wastes gets secreted, and the people are getting affected by various disease. This could be
overcome by using some new technology like sensor, Arduino, motor and keypad. The ultrasonic
sensor is used to find the distance of the trash can and check whether the trash can gets filled or
not, if the garbage gets filled this sensor will detect and the garbage container door will close
automatically. The closed door will be opened only by the municipal person using the keypad. The
rain sensor detects the rain and close the trash pail door automatically, it protects the trash
container from the natural calamities. The gas sensor(MQ7) is used to detect the unwanted smell
that comes fromthe garbage like methane and toxic gases. By using this system we can control the
environmental issue.