Tracking of Earth Tremors for Earlier Prediction of Earthquake

  • Prem Kumar K et al.


Among the countless natural disasters, earthquakes are capable of inflicting vast devastation to
a large number of human lives, buildings and constructions at the blink of an eye. Our project
aims at the tracking of earth tremors for earlier prediction of earthquakes and to warn the
people to take necessary precautions. The prediction is based on the observation of several
underwater factors like temperature, pressure and tilt of sea rocks. The sensor setup is placed
under the sea surface and this is enabled through submarine communication cable. Then the
readings from the sensor are compared with the predefined earthquake datasets which are
classified through Deep-Q learning method which uses deep neural networks..If the observed
readings are matched with the pre-defined readings, then the people will be alerted that the
earthquake will be occurred. By this approach we have introduced a novel solution which gives
golden time to preserve human lives and mitigate economical loss by the mentioned elaborated
process to predict earthquakes.