Comparative Study of Energy Enhanced AOMDV and Energy Enhanced AODV in Wireless Sensor Network

  • Mohit Angurala, Manju Bala, Sukhvinder Singh Bamber


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are nowadays becoming very vital in different fields such as underwater sensors, battle fields, military applications and many more. There are different protocols that play very vital role in energy saving. One such protocol is AODV. This is one of the best routing protocols in wireless networks. The major limitation of sensors is that the battery life is very limited in case of sensor networks. Hence it is very crucial to enhance the battery life time of the sensor nodes. In this paper a comparison is made between AOMDV with a recharging feature in a network and AODV with a recharging feature. Both these protocols carry a node which moves randomly towards other nodes and enhances the level of energy in them when necessary. The comparison is done on the basis of throughput and average remaining parameters which further clearly indicates that the performance of AOMDV with enhanced energy is better and efficient than the performance of AODV with enhanced energy.