The Contribution of Digital Advertising onBranding: A Review ofStart-Up Companies

  • Rammohan Sundaram et al.


The present market environment is very encouraging and attracts numerous entrepreneurs to begin
their venture in an economy. However, all start-ups are not able to gain success because of the poor
market knowledge, cash burn, unclear vision, market risks, legal challenges, product quality to name
a few. Amongst these, the success of a start-up is significantly dependent upon the communication and
awareness about the product and service to the prospective consumers. Furthermore, it is not only
dependent on communication process but also the cost and technique utilized for building brand and
its awareness. Traditional marketing techniques have cost attached and do not allow two-way
communication, hence, digital marketing tools have gained momentum in the current market
situation. Therefore, present study makes an effort in reviewing the digital marketing techniques
which are employed by the entrepreneurs for brand building and the benefits they have generated
with minimal cost. The study has also highlighted the impact of different digital marketing tools on the
consumer’s behavior and brand awareness