Technologically Mediated Communication Improves English Language Learning Rapidly.

  • Shiva Durga, et al.


My paper deals with the improvement of the proficiency of English learners to a desirable and a very
easy level to have effective practice outside the classroom with the learner-centered perspective while
broadening the pedagogical knowledge. Internet has created international mobility as globalization
which is more helpful for learners of English to acquire communication skills and knowledge through
many sources. It helps anyone to think in English the relevant matter to express in a logical sequence to
promote self learning skills. There are ample chances for everyone to learn English through many ways
like audio visual technology, internet through websites, extensive reading, peer group association,
language games, translation method and socially mediated communication. This paper deals with the
opportunities to learn English particularly through social media and other sources. We are really
fortunate to live in the age where we have ample options. Personal status improves the business rapidly.
Students learn these outside the classroom without the help of their teachers. So society plays a great
role in the field of communication. As English is globalized there are ample opportunities for the teachers
also to learn outside the classrooms. The visual effects from videos give active, faster and clear
information when compared to the textual content.