Comparative Evaluation Of Foss And Proprietary-Software Using Survey Of Indian Users

  • Sushil Kumar et al.


This Case Study Has Been Performed By Conducting A Data Survey Of Software Users Of India. The
Data Have Been Collected Using An Online Questionnaire And A Printed Questionnaire. The Questions
Have Been Prepared For The Comparison Of Two Categories Of Software, I.E. Proprietary And Foss
Based On Features And Qualities Of Software. The Source Of These Features/Qualities And Hence The
Questions Is The Policy Document Released By The Government Of India In 2015. The Data On The
Comparison Of Two Types Of Software Have Been Collected From More Than 800 Software Users Of
India. The Data Has Been Analyzed Using Spss. This Collected Data Have Been Processed By Applying
A Vast Variety Of Tests Using Spss.
Foss Research From The Viewpoint Of Indian Users Is The Focus Of This Research Work. Measuring
The Satisfaction Level Of These Software Users Is A Key Issue That Must Be Explored On The Basis Of
Users' Responses To This Type Of Software(S). The Same Has Been Performed In The Present Work. The
Collected Data Has Been Processed Using Spss To Find Out Which Category Of Software I.E. Foss And
Proprietary The Users' Response Is Favoring And Why. To Some Factors, The Response Was Found To
Be Positive But In Other Factors, It Was Found To Be Negative. The Present Paper Explores The Overall
Conclusion From Data Processing.