An Improved Reversible Data Hiding In Encrypted Images By Pre Encryption Room Reservation Policy (PERRP)

  • P.Anitha et al.


The Innovative Technique Is Pre Encryption Room Reservation Policy; It Is Reserving Room
Earlier To Image Encryption. The Reversible Data Hiding Method On Encrypted Images Is More
Expected And A Great Deal Easier. It Also Achieves The Entrenched Data Are Radically Improved.
The Encrypted Image, Which Consisting Of Two Stages: Image Partition And Self-Reversible
Embedding. In Image Partition The Encrypted Image Is Partitioned Into Two Parts, The First-Order
Smoothness Function For Each Block To Find The Smoother Area. Then Calculate The Estimation
Error Value And Then A Few Data Can Be Entrenched Into The Estimating Error Progression With
Histogram Shift.
The Narrative Technique Is To Bring To The Values Of Peak Signal Noise Ratio And Entropy.
Both The Values Of Peak Signal Noise Ratio And Entropy Is Reached The Elevated Values Compare
Than The Existing Method. The Key Image And Original Image Are Recovered Without Affecting The
Accuracy. In This Article, The Original And Key Images Are Also Applied In Various Resolutions.
Each And Every Resolution Of Imagery Gives The High Peak Signal Noise Ratio Rate. The Novel
Method Achieves The Admirable Performance Of Ideal Privacy For Plain Images Using The Above