Covid19: Technology Catalyst For Higher Order Thinking Skills (Hots) In Teaching And Facilitation

  • Muhammad Talhah Ajmain et al.


Education is a lifelong learning process and cannot stop to produce a balanced individual. In order to
ensure the objectives are continuously achieved, formal teaching and facilitation (PdPc) in education
must be carried on and achieved. The skills that need to be mastered by teachers today are higher order
thinking skills (HOTS) in teaching and facilitation (PdPc). However, under certain circumstances the
process needs to be adjusted according to its surrounding to ensure the teaching and facilitation
process runs effectively, for instance during this COVID-19 pandemic and Movement Control Order
(MCO). These situations should not be a barrier for effective teaching and learning process to happen
between teachers and students. However, only the landscape of teaching should change from physical
to virtual. This requires teachers more HOTs in the layout of every lesson session that happend. Thus,
a research concept paper using qualitative method by utilizing the library resources will discuss the
education concept and PdPc landscape that teachers and students still apply HOTs during PdPc and
need to adapt to ensure education can continuously take place