Designing and Explaining a Marketing Mix Model for Development of Tourism Industry in Iran with Grounded Theory

  • Mohammad Payahour et al.


The aim of this study is to present a mixed marketing model for development of the tourism
industry in Iran using the qualitative method of grounded theory and the tools of interviewing
and collecting documents. The research population is the faculty members of the universities of
Tehran, who have full knowledge about both fields of marketing and tourism. The data from the
interview was coded by researcher using Nvivo software, in three stages of open, axial and
selective coding. The development of the tourism industry in Iran was chosen as a core category,
and finally the model 12P+4S was presented for marketing mix of the tourism industry in Iran.
The development of tourism industry can be accomplished due to the proper management of
these 16 elements of marketing mix. The results showed that the causal conditions of the model
included the product, the context conditions included specification, partnership, Studying, price,
perception, and intervening conditions included place, policy, purse string, security, physical
evidence, and people. Furthermore, strategies included elements of planning, Sustainability,
processes and promotion.