A Comparative Study on Bio Inspired Algorithms for Feature Selection In Machine Learning

  • J. A. Esther Rani et al.


Mother Nature is a great inspirer of this universe. Nature always finds a way to exist and
motivates us to solve tough and multifarious problems in the realm of Information Technology and
Computer Science. Nature solves its problems on its own and this is the main key for exploring the
nature inspired algorithms. Here the optimal solution is derived by maintaining a balance between all
the components. These algorithms are imitated by the way the nature solves its own problems and
renders a feasible solution. The nature inspired algorithms need to be hybridized not only to get the
best possible solution but also to solve the same by maintaining the perfect sense of balance among its
components. This motivation has led to pursue research work on nature inspired computing. This work
presents a comparison of various nature inspired algorithms which can be used for feature selection.
It can be extended to all the domains including medical, web, user profiling and so on.