Teacher and Student Interaction in Second Language Classroom

  • Merrin R S et al.


The main purpose of this study is to bring out the issues related to classroom interaction
between teacher and learner and also among the learners who are with different kinds of thoughts,
feelings, or ideas. Students can develop their ideas only when they are given enough attention in the
classroom. Normally the classroom interaction helps only a few fluent students; but every learner can
acquire language through interaction. The present work shows that how a classroom interaction can
be an effective tool for the students, who come from different places to learn, speak, and understand
English better. This study analyses both quantitative as well as qualitative data, like classroom
observation towards both teacher as well as the learner. Several results show that the teacher supports
the students to develop their various skills and the students try their level best to practice English in the
classroom through interaction. Therefore, classroom interaction is an important subject which has a
pivotal role in teaching and learning English as a second language.