IOT based Energy Management for Hybrid Solar and Wind Energy System

  • R.Selvam et al.


In this paper, renewable energy-based hybrid sustainable energy sources (HSES) were proposed
for utilizing different renewable energy sources for various applications, particularly in the independent
power generation system. The renewable energy sources such as solar photovoltaic and wind energy can
be used to supply load effectively by the accessibility of power demand, to improve the dynamic conduct
of the hybrid system by balancing AC/DC bus and upgrading the nature of the generated power. This
work proposes a strong control unit dependent on DC bus control and power management by fuzzy logic
techniques. The controller is also supported by the Internet of Things (IoT) for the efficient selection of
renewable energy sources. The choice of operation is given by an energy management system with a fuzzy
logic decision-maker. The information from the load side and renewable energy source can be
determined by fuzzy logic techniques to meet the power demand. The proposed system was tested and the
energy efficiency achieved is about 27% higher than the conventional system.