Life Skills Education in Corporate World

  • Dr. Bani Narula et al.


The field of positive organizational behavior is increasingly discovering organizations’ latent aspects that
helps in enhancing its’ functioning directly or indirectly through capacitating various life skills in
employees. The need to practice and inculcate various life skills is becoming crucial in order to live a
fulfilling life. There are different life skills that are developed by the World Health Organization that can
be proven as beneficial to various organizational settings. The contemporary research scenario focuses
on specific life skills and their applicability in diverse settings but there is a paucity of evidence related to
the application of positive life skill activities in organizational settings. The ever-expanding and
demanding climate of organizations also necessitates various life skill practices by the employees in
order to extricate maximum rewards from their immediate environment. Thus, the proposed module for
the present paper (PPLS- CW) is based on the theories and models of positive psychology which are
combined with various relevant life skills suggested by WHO, which aims to contribute to their personal
and professional lives.