Model Simulation of Secure Cloud Computation in Iot Environment

  • Akanksha Gupta et al.


Agriculture is the one of the most important things for survival of humans in this world and all things of
this world can be connected together to exchange information with the help of IoT. In this paper we
connect these two, that is, we are going to combine agriculture and IoT. In agricultural sector, a large
amount of data needs to be stored and retrieved securely but the IOT devices we use have a low amount of
memory space. Hence, we need a storage area that has a large amount of secured storage space and so
we implement a cloud storage system for our purpose. In this paper, we propose a secure data sharing
system for IOT devices in which they are connected to the edge of the cloud and the data we receive from
the IOT devices is encrypted and stored on the cloud. Only the corresponding receiver knows the exact
key to decrypt the cipher text so the data is stored and retrieved securely. In this system we have used
advanced wheat stone algorithm to encrypt the data from the IOT devices. The algorithm helps us to
avoid Botnet attack and various other types of attacks on the data. We have used Omnet++ to simulate
our entire scenario and collected the results. We show the verification process of the shared data as well
as data retrieval after searching and thereafter analyze the performance of our proposed algorithm and
prove that our algorithm is efficient to be used in many IoT applications.