Congestion Recovery Policy for Fast Failover Links in Openflow Switches in Software Defined Networks

  • Reecha Sood, Dr.Sandeep Singh Kang


SDN Networks enables a new kind of networking in which users pay less and avail lot of services in return. The software system problem is incompatible with TCP related services as it also has the responsibility of performing many important tasks such as sending data etc. The purpose of this paper is to explore restoration process, gaining a conversation path when there is a failure in the software defined network.SDN based Applications can interact with open daylight via northbound APIs, informing the network of application specific and dynamic traffic flow requirements. In the proposed work, each process has been re-assigned to the local route to avoid congestion on the way. We first make the network's infrastructure hard to deal with abnormal events, then we have developed an effective design method for managing data and implementing a congestion avoidance policy. The approach enables administration of remote device via a central controller, reducing failure recovery routes and minimizing the need to manually configure traditional routers in branch locations.