Effect on High Strength Concrete by Partial Replacement of Cement with Nano Alumina Micro Alumina and Fly Ash

  • S. Javeed Basha , Smt. B. Ajitha


In this research study, the effect on High Strength Concrete(HSC) by partial replacement of cement with Nano alumina, micro alumina and fly ash on the mechanical properties of the concrete is studied. In this investigation the cement is replaced by 20% Fly-ash, 5% micro alumina and Nano alumina of different proportion i.e 0%, 0.25%, 0.5%, 0.75%, 1% in M60 grade of concrete. It is observed that the concrete’s workability is reduced by increasing the content of nano alumina from 0% to 1% and constant micro alumina particles of 5% cement (by wt.) and fly ash of  20% cement(by wt.). The results showed that 0.75% of the combination of Nano alumina, micro alumina and fly ash increases the properties of the high strength concrete. The microstructure characteristics results revealed that the Nano alumina, micro alumina and fly ash particles incorporated enhances the cement’s mechanical strength properties and the voids were filled up with these materials.