A Survey On Sentiment Analysis Tasks, Approaches And Applications

  • Mrs. Raviya.K, Dr. Mary Vennila.S


 The World Wide Web that involves social networks forums, review websites and blogs produce vast quantity of knowledge in the kind of thoughts, feelings, viewpoints and arguments about one of a kind social events, products, brands and politics. Sentiment analysis is the automatic recognition technique that analysis the attitude of people towards social events, product, brands, person and political issues. The role of sentiment analysis involves textual data mining by means of natural language processing (NLP). Text communication method such as tweets, reviews blogs are important for examining a person’s emotion by analyzing the input text. Sentiment analysis of social networking websites is a manner to pick out the user’s opinion. The growing need of modern times is to resolve the consumer opinion and depth of the sentiment in the direction of the entity. The paper concludes a survey on sentiment analysis. The key objective of this survey is to provide almost complete picture with brief descriptions of the techniques of sentiment analysis and the interrelated fields.