Routing Considerations, Simulation Analysis, and Dynamic Learning and Awareness Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

  • Trilok Kumar Saini, Subhash C. Sharma, Anju Saini


Routing is a key phenomenon in mobile ad hoc networks. The routing protocols govern the routing functionality and manage the multi-hop connectivity even in the resource constraint, and dynamic conditions. The objective of this paper is to analyze the mechanism of a reactive routing protocol and to suggest an extension of the protocol. The paper explicates the parameters which are critical for routing analysis. We do the simulation of routing protocol under varying mobility, traffic, and node density in order to resemble the protocol behavior in real circumstances. Paper extracts the simulation outcome to depict the protocol behavior. To incorporate the awareness of the local region and active route, we propose an extension to AODV based on dynamic learning and awareness (DLA-AODV) and present the concept and mechanism of the protocol.