IoT Based Water Management System for Highly Populated Residential Buildings

  • R. Jai Ganesh et al.


For the past decade, requirement of the water is increased and its availability is
unpredictably in India. The water demand is the most challenges in the world nowadays. So there
should be Conservation of water and how to manage the resource available in world is the most
importance. In this proposed work, an IoT design for water monitoring and control approach which
supports internet-based data collection on real time bases[1]. This proposed system shall
implement in highly populated residential buildings like hotels, lodge, hostels, dormitory,
apartments, shopping malls etc. And also, this system can provide a complete survey and the usage
of water by every individual room. Based on room needs the amount of water can supplied to their
rooms. This system addresses that the flow rate measuring and scheming the supply of water in
order to limit the water wastage by using solenoid valve and approach the water conservation and
also this system can measure the quantity of water distributed to every household by using flow rate
sensors. The proposed work has been planned to use Arduino controller, WiFi module, Cayenne
Software for control and monitoring. For shortcoming of the existing models, a wide usage of
wireless systems and a smart quality monitoring system has been developed using Android