Efficient ways of training English Language for Improving the LSRW abilities of Rural Students

  • Selvathai Nalan et al.


English is an International Language. In India it is taught as second language. In learning
English as second language, there is an enormous dissimilarity in between rural and urban students. The
rural area students require more practice regarding English as a second language. The primary thing is,
they have fear to a great extent and introvert to communicate in English. The second thing is, they lack
good teachers to guide and instruct them through activity based teaching and training. Whereas the
urban students are getting multiple new methods of teaching by well qualified and experienced faculty
members and they trained the students based on the basic four skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading
and Writing. In case of rural students, the four skills are not focused much. This paper focuses much on
the efficient ways of training and teaching English for improving the LSRW abilities of rural students
for their enrichment. Now-a-days modern technologies are adapted to improve their skills and smooth
the progress of encouraging their attitude and make them to meet their challenges of achieving good job
in a successful way