Need of Innovative Teaching Techniques in Modern Scenario

  • V. Sridevi et al.


The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) plays a vital role and supports teaching and
learning the course of study has been on the grounds to equip the younger generation with a set of
proficiencies required for the future. The involvement in the teaching and the learning strategies helps
in upgrading oneself. Inculcating innovative practices in teaching techniques will make the learners
more enthusiastic in learning. The utilization of ICT is a great boon for the innovative teaching.
Improvement in technology in education involves in the rising of education standard. Innovative
teaching requires technology for its upgrading the teaching strategies. It will benefit the development
of education in its own national context and provides a nourishing growth. The teachers’ role is much
important in utilizing the technology to encourage the students to learn the subjects in an effective
way. This paper deals with the importance of the technology and the role of the teachers