Job Sculpting: A Foundation of the Pyramid Talent Retention

  • Esther Zionia et al.


In this competitive world, hiring good talented people has become very hard. War to attract and retain a
talented employee is high. Even though an organization attracted talented employees, retain them has
been a bigger burden. Retaining a talented employee is an art in which the organization should
understand what their need is. Most of the time employees do spend their precious time in an
organization. So employers should make their employees feel comfortable and interesting in their job. Job
sculpting plays a major role in retaining talented employees in an organization. Job sculpting is an art of
matching employees to the jobs which allow their intensely planted life interests to be expressed.
Providing the job of their interest makes them stay longer in an organization. This paper unearths the
truth about the way to get started job sculpting, Steps in implementing job sculpting, the big eight of life
interest, caution & trends in job sculpting and advantages & drawbacks of job sculpting.