Do Management Students have Entrepreneurial Intentions? An Institutional Case Study

  • Dinu Raj S et al.


Entrepreneurship is one among the best alternative solution to reduce the severity of
unemployment, even though there is a saturation point. One Entrepreneurial venture can
at least create one self-employment and more employment directly or indirectly if the size
of the venture is bigger. It has a major role to play in improving the country’s GDP
growth rate. This study was carried out with the final year MBA students of a deemed to
be university located at Thanjavur,Tamil Nadu. The rationale of choosing the institute
and the respondents was that they were offered the same type of entrepreneurial
education during the period of study. Primary data were collected from 40 out of 44
students through a structured questionnaire by applying simple random sampling.
Further data analysis showed the impact of entrepreneurial education that institute has
given to the student on their intentions to become entrepreneurs..