A Magic Wand to Captivate Talent: Artificial Intelligence

  • Esther Zionia et al.


Nowadays, technology has taken over the world. Every organization is under the
control of technology. Technology has become an inevitable source in this era. As time
goes by, every organization wants them to be updated. For example, traditional
recruitment to modern recruitment and then from modern recruitment to e-recruitment.
One of the major reason to keep them updated is they find hard to overcome the
challenges with their traditional method. Artificial Intelligence played one of the major
roles in technology updation. Artificial intelligence is revamping the HR Field. Most of
the organization has adopted artificial intelligence to reduce the burden of a recruiter.
Artificial Intelligence reduces the cost and time of the recruitment process. This research
paper is an attempt to analyze the relationship between usage of artificial intelligence and
talent acquisition, the impact of artificial intelligence in talent acquisition and the major
challenges organizations face in building artificial capabilities in the organization with
particular reference to Chennai. IT/ITES Sector employers are the respondents. The
descriptive survey research design was used in this research. The research hypothesis
was tested using statistical tools such as multiple correlations, multiple regression, and
Weighted mean average. 245 respondents were chosen using a simple random sampling
technique. The findings revealed that Screening candidates, post-offer acceptance, career
development re some of the main usage of artificial intelligence on talent acquisition.
Decreases human biases and diversity hiring has a strong impact of artificial intelligence
on talent acquisition. The scarcity of field specialists and skepticism of new technology
played a major role in building artificial intelligence in the organization.