The Game Changer: Perception of Traders towards Online Trading and Traditional Trading

  • Dr.J.D.Aarthi Dhakshana et al.


Traditional were the big assets of the country. A huge part of Indian economy is in the
hand of traders and investors. The trading may take place through several methods. The
method was mainly classified into two ways traditional trading and online trading. Now a
days, Online Trading is an emanate tool of traders for trading. Moreover, online trading
creates more opportunities for traders and investors. A trader perceptive on online
trading is a significant game-changing backdrop of the financial sector. The purpose of
the research is to examine the trader’s perception difference of online trading and
traditional trading. The study also focused on the reason behind choosing the online
trading by traders. The researcher used the stratified sampling technique. 112 stock
investors from Thanjavur districts were selected for this study. The researcher used the
Mann-Whitney U & Wilcoxon W signed-rank test and regression statistical tools to
evaluate the data. This research would be a great support to the financial service
companies to understand the trader’s perception towards traditional trading and online
trading and also to assist them to be successful in their business