Rehabilitation of Transsexual Based on Preaching Psychology in Islam

  • Wan Nur Izzati Wan Nor Anas, Wan Mohd Khairul Firdaus Wan Khairuldin, Hasanulddin Mohd, Abdul Karim Ali


Transsexualism is an act contradicting with norm of humanity and religion. Community view transsexualism as an abnormal act as human beings are created with two genders only which are male and female. Meanwhile, Islamic religion prohibits the act of transsexualism as it involves modification of creation decreed by Allah S.W.T. Many suggestions in handling the problem of transsexualism have been posed by academicians especially such as by handling the problem through laws, preaching and others. However, this article aims to view the rehabilitative methods for transsexual practicers based on Islamic psychological methods as among the factors for the individual choosing to become a transsexual is due to psychological problem involving the individual. Therefore, there are two main objectives in achieving the goal of this this written article. The first objective is to explain the factors influencing the individual’s psychology to become a transsexual. Meanwhile, the second objective is to explain that preaching psychology is an appropriate method to be implemented in rehabilitation of transsexual practicers. To achieve these two objectives, documentation method was performed. Documentation method was performed to obtain data related to transsexualism and Islamic psychological methods in handling the problem of transsexualism. Data collected were analysed through content analysis.  This study found that factors influencing individuals to become a transsexual are factor of family, peers, mass media and environment. Besides that, Islamic preaching psychology is very suitable to be implemented in the rehabilitation of transsexual practicers.