• Lokesh Babu R et al.


Defamation cases are normally common in political scenario in Indian society. Usually during the
election time, many of the cases filled by the victims against the oral or written statements given by the
persons who are in the public life (icon of the society). Most of the cases are not stick on to the court
verdicts, even though news channels broadcasting information and many of the newspapers published in
the front page for giving messages to the society. The reason is that compromising between persons or
each others for their political commitments in the future, due to support to form the government and
utilizing the power thorough the victims of both. The defamation news which is has been publishing or
broadcasting by the media is not giving much importance that what action takes place after cases has
been filled. Whether the defamation news, which are the statements given by person is true or false. Most
of the defamation cases in India are becoming advertisements in favor of political agenda. News media’s
are becoming major tools to promote these kinds of messages towards society, but not in favor of ethics.
Example, many of the media organizations are controlling by the owners who are in politics. Moreover,
there can be no defamation offence unless the alleged defamatory statement is made in public places or
posting or publishing in Print, Broadcasting & Social Media. Recent cases, such as, The Pawan Khera,
secretary to Delhi Chief Minister, filed defamation case against Arvind Kejriwal for his alleged remarks
over power tariff hike. The defamation case was filed against Arvind Kejriwal for his allegation statement
that is the issue of tax related case on Mr.Amit Sibal, who is a senior lawyer. The defamatory remark has
been made by Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev that Religious leader and Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev has been
prosecuted for his alleged defamatory remark stating that “Rajiv Gandhi is honeymooning with dalits”. A
shipping professional was booked by Goa Police for posting remarks against BJP leader Narendra Modi.