Euphemisms in a Talk Show Host's Speech

  • Marina Vitalievna Lysyakova et al.


The frequency of euphemization of the speech of TV talk-show hosts is determined by the
journalist's participation in conflict communication situations, in which it is necessary to hide the
negative meaning of the message in order to avoid the conflict and to avoid interferences, failures and
breakdowns in communication. It is known that the human being and their inner world are by nature
social, which determines the public orientation of euphemisms that reveal their potential in the
communication process [1].
The study of euphemisms undertaken aims to identify features of thematic convergence of
different discursive practices in their content. The characteristics of personality-centered
communication in media communication are most vividly expressed in the beingness variant of
personal discourse. Euphemisms are derived from verbal interpretations of conflict situations in
which a person encounters real or imaginary challenges of life and tries to find an acceptable and
socially justified way to solve them. Taking into account the effect of hybridization arising due to
modern tendencies to spread in media communication the format of intertextuality, interdisciplinarity,
blurring of the genre canon, interference and layering of discursive practices in different types of
media communication, we should at the same time recognize the validity of the statement that these
phenomena often constitute the goal of the participants of a communication event.