Hybrid Recommendation Technique Selection Center Donated Bags with Data Envelopment Analysis

  • Jirapong Tongpang
  • Prasong Praneetpolgrang
  • Nivet Chirawichitchai


The main purpose of this paper to present Natural Disasters problem case study Thailand flood 2554 To hybrid recommendation technique Selection center donated bags is deemed to be one of challenging problems that can be used to imply the management competency due to the fact that it is a difficult and complicated task in logistics supplier function. This article aims to introduce an approach to measuring the Shelters performance by using Data Evaluation Analysis. The DEA is a linear programming-based technique with less complication and exists an available method of simplex algorithms to solve the problem for measuring the efficiency of suppliers. The paper illustrates how to apply the DEA technique by using the data collected from donor bags person plant, which is making contact with 10 center donated bags to provide required for the Shelters plant. To evaluate the performance of the center donated bags, the procurement department employs input criteria of quality, and delivery. The results of the evaluation indicate that there are only center donated bags marked as relative efficient firms and the remaining 10 center donated bags are sorted as non-efficient firms. In addition, the results can be used to create negotiation strategies performance for send bags the Shelters from the inefficient center donated bags by using the value of reference time, weights. Specifically, the inefficient center donated bags will have to reduce the value of the input criteria by the proportion of reference weights in order that the inferior center donated bags could be attained to the benchmark points of relative efficiency.