• Dr. A. Goplalan et al.


Study about Self-healing concrete and its strength parameters is very important criteria in recent
concrete industry. The major problem in the application of concrete is crack formation which may be
structural or non-structural. These cracks reduce the durability of the concrete. This is because concrete
provides a convenient way to transport liquids and gases. Therefore, maintenance and repairs are
inevitable. A variety of external methods can be used to repair the crack, but the solution is expensive,
time consuming, and in some cases unattractive. If cracks occur in hard-to-reach places, they must be
sealed without damaging the structure. Therefore, there is a need to develop concrete that can repair
cracks without external maintenance. This self-healing property can be achieved in physical, chemical, or
biological ways. This paper studies the strength parameters of self-healing concrete by combining with
superabsorbent polymer (SAP). Because SAP (sodium polyacrylate) is a chemical polymer that can be
used as a self-healing agent, concrete can repair cracks without manual maintenance. Samples are cast
with an additional 0%, 0.25%, and 0.50%, and tested at the 7th and 28th cures to determine the
compressive, flexural, and impact strength of concrete using SAP Was. The results show that the strength
of the concrete increases only with increasing curing period