Analysis and Evaluation Process of Supply Chain Management in Business Processes

  • G. Venkateswarlu


Supply chain management works to improve a company's ability to compete by implementing various systemic changes. A primary goal of SCM is to boost a product's or service's ability to compete in the market. The goal of this research is to explore and make sense of the dynamic supply chain management landscape. Based on a thorough examination of the current literature, we made some educated guesses about how Supply Chain will evolve in the future. Definitions of SCM from experts spanning antiquity to the present have been compiled and organized next to the most important classical definitions. The answer to this question depends on a wide variety of variables along the Supply Chain. By analyzing SCM and its constituent parts, this research hopes to set it apart from closely related fields like Logistics Management, Value Chain Management, and Operations Management. Several different SCM ideas are discussed at length. The investigation concludes with a declaration of what needs to be done after a thorough review of the relevant literature.