Effect of Nano-Zinc Oxide and Glutamic Acide on the Growth, Mineral Content of Rosmarinus Officinals Plants

  • Randa Salim Bayat, Pro. Dr. Jamel Y. Ali Altememe


      The study was conducted in the wood canopy in one of the private nurseries in Kirkuk governorate in the 2021 agricultural season. The study aims to show the effect of spraying nano zinc oxide and glutamic acid on some vegetative growth characteristics, mineral contents and active substances of rosemary and mint plants. Two overlapping experiments were carried out. Each uses two factors. The first factor is zinc oxide nanoparticles, at three levels (0, 40 and 60) g. L-. The second factor is glutamic acid at three levels (0, 50 and 100) mg. L1- according to the Randomized Complete Block Design (RCDB) with three replications. The averages of the coefficients were compared according to Duncan's polynomial test at the 5% probability level. The most important results are summarized as follows: