“Job Seekers or Job Providers? An Exploratory Study on iGeneration

  • Dr. Reagan Lovarata, Ms. Anjali Madhwani, Ms. Kavita Vijay


Purpose: Does the tendency of generation vary towards job? Each generation has its own strengths and challenges.  The septa living generations areThe Greatest Generation (1901-1927), The Silent Generation (1928-1945), The Baby Boomers (1946-1964), Gen X (1965-1980), Gen Y or Millennial (1981-1995), Gen Z or igeneration (10996-2010), and Generation Alpha. The present study aims to find the tendency of igeneration to be job seekers or job providers, as igeneration has started to enter the professional world. Igeneration is characterized by one who values freedom, flexibility, innovation and creativity, ability to take risks to mention few.

Research Design: The study is based on first hand data. The data is collected using google form. Total numbers of participants for the study were 250 but the final test was conducted on 180 responses, after rejections. The study was conducted in the city Dewas. The reliability of the questionnaire was tested using Cronbach’s alpha.  The value of the reliability test lies between 0.8 and 0.9, which indicates the questionnaire used for study is good. Data was analysed using regression and t test.

Finding: The research finding shows that p value (0.0496) is less than .05, so authors have rejected the null hypothesis and accepted the alternative hypothesis that igeneration is more inclined towards job providers instead of job seekers. The t test reveals that there exists a significant difference between the variables. The mean value of job providers is much higher than job seekers. The both tests clearly support that igeneration is more inclined towards entrepreneurship.