Impact of Motivational Language of the Leader on Work-Life Enrichment with the Mediating Role of Work Spirit

  • Asif Hussain Samo, Najia Shaikh, Aamir Iqbal Umrani, Wardah Abdul Khalique, Faris Mahar, Barkat Ali Pahore


Purpose:The purpose of this study is to explain the role of the motivational language of the leader in enhancing the work-life enrichment and work spirit of the followers. With the positivist paradigm, the quantitative methodology is used and with the help of adopted instruments, data is collected through a survey method from 330 employees working in the private sector in Pakistan. Structural equation modeling was applied to analyze the data and results were obtained after rigorous data diagnosis. The results show that followers’ work-life enrichment surges if the leader adopts motivational language, and this path is partially mediated by work spirit. The study has practical implications for leaders who wish to augment the work-life and work spirit of the employees.