Rural Marekting and Rural Consumer Behaviour with Special Reference to Durable Goods Inrural Areas in Tirupattur District

  • N. Md. Faiyaz Ahmed, Dr. A. Khaleelur Rahman


Rural marketing plays an important role in the overall growth of the Indian economy. Gone are the days when companies did not emphasize the rural market and consumers. Studying the behaviour of rural and urban consumers is a difficult assignment. This research focuses on rural consumer behaviour and the factors that influence rural consumers. The researcher chosen rural areas surrounded in Tirupattur district, Tamil Nadu, for this study. The primary goal of this research is to learn about the attitudes of rural consumers toward durable products, which are commonly found in brutal locations. Only those products which are available in rural areas are chosen for this section. The researcher chose 50 samples for this study. This study focuses about the characteristics that influence rural consumers while purchasing durable goods.