Pedagogical and Psychological Features of Distance Learning in Medical Higher Education

  • Shoxista Sanakulovna Shoyimova, Shaxlo Ruzmatovna Mirzaeva, Nodira Mirxasilovna Gafurova, Gulnoza Olimjonkizi Tulaganova


This scientific research paperprovides a comparative analysis of the readiness of students of various courses of medical universities of the Republic of Uzbekistan for distance learning and identification of mobile programs, resources and means of communication specific for use in a medical audience by elucidating the possibility of their use in the study of special disciplines. The research took place in medical universities of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Observation, questioning and problem-questionnaire search made it possible to conclude that students are ready for distance learning and actively use mobile technologies and resources in the educational process. To increase the motivation and readiness of students to implement distance learning, the main methodological task of teachers and the university as a whole is to fully master all the possibilities of information technology with their proper organization, technical equipment and the ability to use them effectively.