Theoretical Foundations of Self-Employment of the Population in the Republic of Uzbekistan

  • Gulnora Mardievna Shadieva


The article examines the theoretical foundations of self-employment of the population, various approaches to defining the concept of self-employment of the population, the development of which is associated with solving the problems of employment of the population of Uzbekistan. Self-employment provides an opportunity for citizens to realize their knowledge, skills and abilities. The issues such as the essence of the institution of the self-employed in Uzbekistan are highlighted, since at present this problem is one of the most discussed forms of employment of the state. The purpose of this article is to study and consider the theoretical foundations of the development of the institute of self-employment in Uzbekistan.

It is concluded that it is necessary to develop this phenomenon, since self-employment contributes to increased activity, increased self-esteem, improved living conditions of unemployed citizens and to a certain extent helps to reduce social tension in Uzbekistan.