A Study On Ideas Of Various Forms In New Criticism

  • Dr. Shagufta Parveen, Dr. Dipongpou


Aiming to examine poetic form principles in light of what the New Critics have said and felt about it, this dissertation proposes that poetry's qualities of objectivity, experience, knowledge, and belief can be explained through the lens of poetic form as an autonomous and self-sufficient order of perceptual reality. It has also been asserted that this ontological distinction between poetic form and other forms of art implies the presumption of an exclusive framework of aesthetic principles and values, such that in the apprehension of poetry, these principles and values should be applied rather than those prevailing in other normative disciplines, as has been suggested. They are presented as the first group of literary critics in the European and American traditions to propose an aesthetic theory that acknowledges poetry as possessing a distinct identity of Existence and embodying a unique order of fact based on achieved a score of objects and situations as contrasted to the conceptual order of reality obtained through the formulations of scholastic theories.