Impact of Employees Self-Confidence and Organization Culture on the link of Transformational leadership and Employee-Motivation: A Survey of Teachers in HEIs of Southern Punjab

  • Ghulam Abbas , Dr Qamar Afaq Qurashi


Transformational leaders are characterized by their ability to motivate the employees or followers give the best possible individual, group and corporate levels of performance. Research, however, tells that the impact of leadership on the employee-motivation is not only the individual function of leaders rather it is supported by many other factors like self-confidence (of worker) and organization culture (of work-environment) and others. This study explores the current condition of respondents (University-teachers) the network of these relationships in their respective work places (Universities). The results verify the hypotheses regarding the links between predictor variables (X, M1 & M2) and the criterion variable (Y). Further, the supporting roles of mediators between X-Y have also been established significantly. M1 (self-confidence) has emerged as Full mediator while OC has Partial but significant mediation between X-Y. The study implicates for the University management sustain the role but improve the contribution of OC.