Green Banking And Sustainable Development

  • Prof. (Dr.) Suhas Dhande, Kratika Pahuja


Now a days, everybody is more and more concerned about the natural environment. Environment and climate change are the most complex issues in the world today. So, adoption of changes is the need for survival. The new innovative ideas are applied which are overlapping old traditional way of doing activities .It gives lots of benefits like help in saving time, cost, convenient and eco-friendly. In short today's business is all about being green. Being a financial organization banks are responsible for the economic development of nation and in wide of world. So, banks introduce a new way of doing banking activities which are Eco-friendly, less errors and frauds, cost reduction, greater operational efficiencies and convenient for customers known as Green Banking. These activities are like-online banking, paying bills online and so on. On the other hand, Sustainable development means to meet the need with present without compromising with future generation needs. Reserve Bank of India also gives motivation to take such initiative to contribute in the sustainable development. The study of present paper is exploratory in nature and has view points of different researchers and shows the initiative by various banks adopted green banking in India and displaying challenges of green banking.