Influence Of Training And Development On Females Effectiveness With Special Reference To Indore Region

  • Mragakshi Tiwari, Sunil Mishra


Purpose: The main aim of the study is to investigate the impact of training and development program on female effectiveness in Indore region. Most of the research has been done just to check or identify the employee’s effectiveness and organizations productivity which helps employees and organization to fulfill its desired outcomes. The study do not found the effectiveness of training and development program on the female effectiveness as female are found to be less or equal to men in the organizations and how much this training program affects women effectiveness in performing and handling the task/work in the organizations.

Design/Methodology: The data was subjected to normality and reliability check before performing further analysis. The data was found to be normally distributed and cronbach’s alpha value was found to be 0.812 which shows the data is reliable. The SPSS 26.0 was used to perform factor analysis, regression analysis and ANOVA analysis to test the hypothesis framed.

Finding: The finding reveals that there is impact of training and development on female effectiveness. Training and development helps women in enhancing their competences level in the workplace.

Future work: Although the study was successful conducted but the sample size is small in number (186). Further the study will take the large sample with different geographical areas. The data were collected from female employee only. In future the data will be collected by both the gender so to know the impact of training and development on female effectiveness

Originality/Value: The study explores an insider views and provide fresh perspective of women towards the training and development which helps in enhancing their career in Indore region.