Procedural Justice Impacts on Study of Employees Working In Banks

  • Muhammed Nadeem, Imran Ahmed Shah, Fawwad Mahmood Butt


Procedural Justice plays a significant role in maximization of employee performance with mediator role of affective commitment. There are various dimensions of procedural justice through these dimensions we measure the procedural justice which is dependent variable. A well procedure of justice increases the satisfaction level of employees and in result the employee become loyal and productive to the organization. This thesis is based on employee’s personal experience in the organization to analyze the procedural justice impact on performance of employees. To collect primary source of data questionnaire is distributed among employees of different banks. Multiple Linear Regression (MLR) and ANOVA test is used for the purpose of data analysis. From outcome of the research it is concluded that employee performance is positively impacted by procedural justice impact with affective commitment. Organizations always try to find out new methods through which employee performance can be enhanced so this research will help them out in analyzing that what are the factors through which employee performance can be enhanced.