Administrative Corruption as an Obstacle to the Right to Development as a Human Right

  • Dr. Duaa Mohamed Ibrahim Badran


The state is obliged before its people to guarantee the right to development for everyone under its care, as this is a human right that is no less than other rights, even if it is related to and builds on them, however, administrative corruption is the most important obstacle to promoting the right to development as a human right. As the administrative corruption results in the deterioration of the environment of development, and even its destruction under the negative impact  of corruption and the exhaustion of energies and resources allocated to development, as well as  the spread of crime and insecurity, which negatively affects the achievement of development in the state.Even if the state has a base to combat corruption, thisissue requires the continuous effort exerted by the state as it is committed to preserving this right through modernizing its legislative system with the aim to cope with this current era  requirements as well as the development requirements of the country as a whole, with its entire components.