Revealing the Meaning of Church Accountability in the Midst of a Cultural Mosaic (Phenomenological Study of the Holy Trinity Church of Tuka)

  • Niluh Nia Karolina, Herkulanus Bambang Suprasto, Anak Agung Ngurah Bagus Dwirandra, I. Gede Ari Wirajaya


This research reveals the reality of the meaning and practice of accountability found in the Tritunggal Mahakudus Tuka Bali Church amid a cultural mosaic.This study used an interpretive approach. The results study found, accountability is service to the people and serving God. As an extension of God, the parishioners or administrators must carry out their service and perform well and sincerely, relying on God and fearing God. Implementation Accountability at Tuka Parish through six dimensions: honesty and legal accountability, Process accountability, Program accountability, Policy accountability, Accountabilityfinancial, and moral accountability. In addition, in Tuka Parish, which is in the midst of a mix of cultures, both parishioners and parish council do not change the existing local culture, both in terms of rules, guidelines, or customs. They continue to use and adhere to the local culture in Tuka. As one of the people said, "where was stepped on earth, the sky is upheld", which means that we must always respect the place's customs wherever we set foot.