Efficiency of Power Distribution Companies in Pakistan (Application of Non Parametric Approach)

  • Nauman Mushtaq, Dr. Moghira Badar, Dr. Faiza Akhtar, Dr. Fatima Batool, Dr. Muhammad Ejaz Sandhu, Dr. Muhammad Imran Khan, Fahad Saddique, Salman Sarwar, Muhammad Ahsan Zia


Electricity is very significant at global level that is used the most useful type of energy in modern world. We will evaluate the distribution system in DISCO. This paper is focused on grounds regarding the grid, through this research of distribution network input & output characteristic, dependent about which is establishing a more objective estimation values and system from the economic aspect and by using the data envelopment analysis for evaluates their relative efficiencies. Using this way we can compare the performance of good company. Finally, by the help of this analysis for power distribution companies, this study provides a range of scientifically evaluation method for the improvements of a distribution system according to different state. Technical Efficiency is by CRS 97.2% by VRS 98.2% and Scale Efficiency is 99.0%.