The Effect of Motivation and Communication on Employee Performance with Job Satisfaction as Intervening Variable in UD. Dewa Dewi Collection Bali

  • Ni Luh Adi Yully Krisdayanti, Gregorius Paulus Tahu, Nengah Landra


The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic that hit Indonesia, especially the island of Bali, caused various business sectors to face an abnormal situation when compared to before the impact of COVID-19 hit the whole world, including the island of Bali. One of the impacts of the pandemic felt in Bali is the decline in income felt by business people, one of which is UD. Dewa Dewi Collection Bali. Challenges faced by UD. Dewa Dewi Collection Bali, in addition to declining income, is also faced with maintaining employee performance and job satisfaction by always motivating and communicating with the hope that the company can survive even in a pandemic situation. This study examines the effect of motivational variables, communication on employee performance through job satisfaction as a mediator. This research design uses a causal associative approach or examines the effect of each variable. The census method was used in this study where 90 employees were all sampled in the study. This research uses Partial Least Square (PLS) analysis technique with the result that motivation and communication variables have a positive and significant influence on job satisfaction and motivation and communication variables also have a positive and significant influence on employee performance and job satisfaction variables are proven to mediate the effect communication and motivation on employee performance.