The Effect Of Information Quality And Trust On Online Purchase Decisions On The Market Place Shopee ( Case Study Of Shopee Users In Hamlet 8 Marindal 1 Village Deli Serdang Regency)

  • Syahraini, Iskandar Muda, Andri Soemitra, Sugianto


This Study Aims To Determine The Effect Of Information Quality And Trust On Online Purchasing Decisions On The Shopee Marketplace In Dusun 8, Marindal 1 Village, Deli Serdang Regency. This Study Uses A Quantitative Approach. With A Population Of 1720 Respondents With A Tolerance Limit Of 10% Which Can Be Calculated Using The Slovin Formula, The Total Sample Size Is 94 Respondents Using A Simple Random Sampling Technique. Data Was Collected By Providing A List Of Questions To Respondents, Namely The People Of Marindal 1 Dusun 8, Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatera Province, Indonesia. This Study Uses The Technique Of Multiple Linear Regression Analysis, T Test, F Test, And The Coefficient Of Determination. The Results Of The Partial Test (T Test) Show That The Quality Of Information (X1) Has A Significant Effect On Purchasing Decisions. It Can Be Seen From Tcount 5,207 > T Table 1,661. Meanwhile, For The Confidence Variable, It Can Be Seen From Tcount 4,459 > ​​1,661 Ttable. Meanwhile, The Simultaneous Test Results (F Test) Of The Two Independent Variables On The Dependent Variable. The Results Showed That Together The Information Quality And Trust Variables Had A Significant Influence On Purchasing Decisions, It Was Seen From The Fcount Value (93.839> Ftable (3.10). With An R Square Value Of 0.637. This Means That The Influence Of The X1 Variable And Variable X2 To Variable Y Is 63.7%, While The Remaining 32.7% Is Influenced By Other Variables Not Included In This Study.