Factors affecting employees’ turnover intentions: A case study of Hazara Region Universities in Pakistan

  • Muhammad Junaid, Shiraz Ahmed, Muhammad Tariq Khan, Saeed Ahmed Lodhi, Ammar Hussain, Munir Abbas, Luqman Shah, Mehmood Ahmed


Present study is focused to find out the relationship among job stressor, workload, workplace environment and employee turnover intentions among universities’ employees. The study is conducted for the Hazara region by focusing on three Universities namely COMSATS University Abbottabad, Hazara University Mansehra and The University of Haripur. Random sample of 147 employees from universities was selected with a response rate of 73.5%.  Regression analysis is used for empirical analysis of data using SPSS 21 software. Results reveal that employee turnover intentions are positively related with job stressor and workload. While no relationship was found with workplace environment.