Word of Mouse Characteristics and their Outcomes A Study in the Online Context

  • Muhammad Junaid, Shiraz Ahmed, Muhammad Tariq Khan, Ammar Hussain, Munir Abbas, Saeed Ahmed Lodhi, Luqman Shah, Mehmood Ahmed


Web-based technologies have created numerous opportunities for electronic word-of-mouse (eWOM) communication. The purpose of this paper is to examine the word of mouse characteristics and their outcome in online context i.e. argument quality and information usefulness affect purchase intention. The model was tested empirically by using a sample of 255 users. This study found that comprehensiveness, relevance, and accuracy are the most effective elements of argument quality construct. They make a key influence on purchase intention. This study offers novelty by using purchase intention as an outcome of word of mouse utilization. Secondly, it tests for mediating role of information usefulness between the word of mouse characteristics and purchase intention. This study outlines ways to promote one's business into online communities it also helps managers in decision making that which factor influence most.