Systematic Review of Various Studies on Digital Marketing Impact on Consumer Buying Behaviour

  • Shakti Vats,Dr. Mukesh Porwal,


With the time everything gets transformed as per the need of the time. Business world has also changed over the period of time and of course with the technology as well, as it is the gift of the modern time. Initially, there was barter system which gradually got replaced by money system. Today, every arena of business is affected by modern technology which assists business and helps to grow it. Internet has been proved a boon for business world. It has given an edge to business world. With the help of internet businesses are not only can cater to whole country easily but also can enter to the foreign market with the mere formalities. Digital platform has become the part of every business but businesses must understand the how effectively this platform can be exploiting to get benefits and to give benefits to the customers as well in long turn. There are many websites that provides newline various products and services. Shopping online is more convenient, time saving newline and money saving due to its flexible nature and easy operation of internet.